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GRP Covers - GRP Odour Covers

GRP Covers, GRP Odour Control Covers and Dirt Covers can all be designed to meet your requirements

GRP Covers - GRP Odour Control Covers

Advantages of GRP Covers

GRP Covers are designed, manufactured and installed to protect the environment against any odours in a very corrosive atmosphere.
GRP Odour Control Covers are designed to British & European Standards incorporating specific Customer preferences.

Areas to Cover – Sewage Treatment

               Inlet Channels 
               Screen Area  
               Sludge Tanks 
               Outlet Channels  
               Wet Wells  
               Pumping Stations  
               De-sludge chambers  
               Screw Pumps

Areas to Cover – Clean Water Treatment 


               Inlet Channels 
               Screen Area 
               Settling Tanks 
               Outlet Channels


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Associated Products