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GRP Glazing - Plastic Glazing

GRP/Plastic Glazing (Fybaglaze) panels are among the toughest glazing panels available.

PLASTIC / GRP Glazing (Fybaglaze) panels are among the toughest glazing panels available. They are manufactured using high quality resins and fibreglass making the panels virtually indestructible, with a high resistance to impact, shock and manual attack.  



Plastic Glazing can be easily installed without risk of breaking or fragmenting. Compared with glass, GRP GLAZING is up to 200 times stronger yet approximately half the weight enabling ease of installation particularly on above ground applications. Used extensively on Railway Stations, Power Stations, Industrial Units and Bus Shelters this offers an excellent translucent panel that is extremley robust.

GRP Translucent Panels can be easily, cut, drilled and installed using conventional tools or can be successfully glazed in a similar fashion to glass using standard polyurethane or silicone mastics, which will have no adverse reaction with the panels.

grp sheets
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 grp glazing sheets


Translucent GRP has exactly the same properties as FYBAGARD but without the welded wire mesh. Used in applications which require light transmission whilst providing security and privacy

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Steel mesh reinforced GRP glazing which is an incredibly tough anti vandal sheet product providing an excellent physical and visual deterrent to vandals. Used mainly for boarding up of vacant local authority property, bus shelters and security screens. Also available with a decorative gothic mesh. When Fybaguard is used within roofing structures we would recomend a minimum of 5mm due to snowloading and defelction rates



Translucent GRP glazing panels resembling Georgian wired cast or plate glass. FYBAMESH has a welded wire mesh encapsulated within the laminates of fibreglass. Installations include balcony panels, stairwell glazing and rooflight applications


GRP Translucent Panels


 For other alternatives to GRP Glazing/Fybaglaze we also offer other plastic glazing products such as Polycabronate, PETG and PET Click Here

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