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GRP Moulded Products - GRP Moulders

GRP mouldings can adapt to any industry whether its the construction to the rail industry. Fibreglass Mouldings is one of the most adaptable manufacturing products available.

GRP Moulded Products & GRP Hand lay Products perfect process to produce any type of GRP Product

GRP Moulded Cat

GRP Moulded products or grp mouldings can adapt to any industry whether its the construction to the rail industry. Fibreglass Mouldings are one of the most adaptable manufacturing products available. GRP stands for Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics, also referred to as Fibreglass mouldings, Composite Plastics, and in the USA, FRP. Fiberglass is an amazingly versatile material, and one that is little understood in industry. Fibreglass Mouldings have immense potential across a wide spectrum of applications. Captrad has a large range of GRP Moulders to hand that can create and convert the most intricate designs that clients can dream up.


GRP Moulded Shop Products

   Fiberglass Moulded Seats and Surrounds

grp moulded products

GRP Moulded Retail Products 

GRP Moulded products

GRP Moulded Fascias

However, GRP moulded products require some sort of former or tool from which it is moulded. GRP in its simplest and most common form, known as hand-lay, the mould is first prepared with a release wax, similar to car polish. The colour is then applied by brush or spray to the mould face as a gelcoat, which is a thickened, coloured resin. This is allowed to cure for about 20-30 minutes, and is followed by layers of glassfibre matt together with the resin. This can be put down or layed-up by brush (Hand Lay), or even spray up using special machines which chop continuous filaments of glassfibre into specified lengths and blow these down in a spray of resin. The product is then formed by the hardening of the resin and glass matrix into an integrated moulding. This intern will provide the finished Fibreglass Moulding.

moulded sink

GRP Moulded Sink for T5 Heathrow Airport

Over the years new technologies have allowed much more sophisticated systems to offer far greater properties. GRP Closed moulds now offers good-both-sides mouldings, and the use of core materials between the glassfibre laminations has added immeasurably to strength and durability. GRP techniques using translucent laminates can now encapsulate graphics within the laminate both for protection and for backlit displays. Special masking techniques make multi-coloured and multi-textured moulding possible. Various techniques used are RTM, closed moulds, hand lay are to name but a few.

Thus GRP Moulded products  or grp mouldings can adapt to any industry whether its the construction to the rail industry. Fibregalss Mouldings (GRP) are one of the most adaptable manufacturing products available and can achieve various standards, making Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) one of the most versatile products on the market.

GRP Moulded Cabinets             grp moulding

GRP Moulded Vanity Units

GRP Moulded Products for the Rail Industry

GRP Dagger Boards 


dagger boards 

GRP Moulded Sumps - GRP Sumps

grp moulded sumps moulded sumps

GRP Sumps moulded to customer size. This manufacturing approach is a light weight alternative to concrete. Captrad can quickly mould the GRP Sumps to the siz you require and offer GRP Grating as Sump Lids.

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GRP Mouldings - Moulded Tanks

GRP Moulded Tanks GRP Moulded Tanks GRP Mouldings GRP Mouldings

GRP Mouldings for Jubilee Bridge

Jubilee Bridge GRP Mouldings


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