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GRP Service Riser Grating

GRP Moulded Grating produced for Service Risers

GRP Riser Grating


Captrad Composites produce and supply high quality fibreglass (GRP) safety products to a large variety of industries.

All our GRP Service Riser Grating have an anti slip top surface to help provide an excellent slip resistant for all personnel on site.
All products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and follow stringent
ISO 9001 guide lines. Standard GRP Grating are produced to BS476 Part 7:1997 C2, other levels are available upon request.
Captrad are able to offer and assist with the implementation of GRP Service Riser Systems, we can also supply GRP Structural Supports where necessary. All of which can be cut prior to supply or cut on site with ease.

GRP Service Riser Grating 

GRP Grating supplied from Captrad offer a bespoke system for covering open service risers  whether it’s a retro fit or new build. All our products are produced from fibreglass which offer excellent benefits over traditional materials. GRP Grating and profiles are lightweight, robust and non sparking and can easily be installed on site. Virtually any service opening size can be catered for with a wide selection of different panel sizes that can be joined together to cover the area. Captrad offer a fabrication service which allows our customers to provide a cutting list and in return we supply ready to fit panels and supports.

GRP I beams

GRP Grating

Working on site – GRP Service Riser Grating are easily adaptable and can be cut on site to accommodate any changes in the schematics of pipe work. Making it a great product to work with and allowing the installer to add any additional supports as and where needed.

GRP Riser Grating - Installation

 GRP Riser Grating

GRP Riser Supports 

We typically install a perimeter angle using heavy duty concrete anchors if a rebated edge is omitted.

For larger risers additional support will be required such as grp I beams. These are inserted using pre-drilled metal cleats. Again heavy duty concrete anchors are used and the cleat is inserted into the web of the I-beam.
Generally riser supports are installed from below using a mobile scaffold tower.

GRP Riser Grating
The grp grating can be supplied cut to size or in full sheets and cut on site using standard power tools with sharp blades.
The GRP Grating is laid over the grp supports and using the stainless steel clips bolted into place.

GRP Service Riser Grating 



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