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Easy Tile Hygienic Panels

GRP Tile Panels, closed cell making them easy to clean and limiting bacteria growth

EasyTile Hygienic Panelling System is produced from glass fibre reinforced polyester.
The panel itself is easy to fit, cut and drill, and are virtually maintenance free. Discolouration is not a concern, as the grout line is made from the same material.

EasyTile can be manufactured with a Fungicidal gel coat which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, including mould.
EasyTile can therefore provide additional protection in areas such as  bathrooms and kitchens where hygiene is paramount.
EasyTiles can also be manufacture to a variety of colours and Fire Ratings which allow them to adapt to any given environment. Plus the installation times are dramatically reduced saving money in the long run

  GRP Tile Panels 


      Public Changing Rooms
      Public Toilets
      Off Shore
      Rail Industry
      Wash Rooms
      Student Accommodation