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GRP Fencing

Non Conductive GRP Fencing produced from GRP Structural Profiles, GRP Fencing to any size

GRP Fencing - GRP Palisade Fencing Manufactured to any size 

GRP Fence

 GRP Palisade Fencing - GRP pultruded profiles, being used to create a palisade fence that is non conductive and doesnt rust.


GRP Fencing - GRP Fences

Captrads Plastic/GRP Fencing offers excellent non conductive properties and can be used in standard areas as an alternative to metal or case sensitive areas were metal is unacceptable.
The profiles are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with a polyester surface veil.  This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability at an economic cost. This plastic fencing is the perfect choice for any situation and is very adaptable as our fabrication shop can manufacturer to suit any requirements whether it's bolt down or dug in. We are able to work with you to create the solution you require. We can also adapt the products used by utilising different sizes, box sections, angles etc.
Plus depending upon the quantity required we are able to change the resin system to work for different environments thus making fibreglass fencing an excellent choice.

grp fencing
GRP Screen Panels