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GRP Grating - Solid Top Grating

GRP Covered Grating

GRP Solid Top Grating are often used in loading and storage areas. Other applications include food processing facilities where covered grating walkways prohibit contamination to conveyor or work surfaces below; facilities where covered grating provides a walking surface and controls subsurface odours; walkways over tank tops and vats and solid flooring where narrow heels might present a tripping hazard with open mesh grating.
Captrads GRP moulded covered gratings are manufactured with a 3mm deep fibreglass gritted plate cover secondarily affixed to any Captrad Moulded grating panel.

GRP Covered grating offers a strong, level surface for foot or cart traffic and provides approximately 50% higher stiffness values than that of open mesh grating. Its standard grit-top cover assures secure footing.

Thicknesses available - 28mm, 41mm & 53mm
Sheets Sizes - 1220 x 3660 - Available in a variety of colours

Solid Top Grating
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Covered Grating