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GRP Non Slip Sheets

Captrad supply a wide range of GRP anti-slip products suitable for a multitude of applications from offshore oil rigs and underground installations, to slip resistant walkways and ramps, we can produce a wide range of GRP Non Slip Sheets
Anti-slip Applications

              Anti-slip Flooring / Anti Slip landings
              Anti-slip step covers 
              Anti-slip sheets

All the above have been specified because they are ideal for high traffic areas where a long lasting anti-slip surface is required, all our GRP Gritted Sheets are produced with the gritted layer being an integral part of the sheet.

grp gritted sheets grp non slip sheets non slip floors grp gritted sheets

GRP Anti Slip Sheet Uses:

Ramps, Platforms, Gangways, Footbridges, Uneven Surfaces, Decking and Tail lifts, Marine Decking, Off Shore, Rail, Uunderground Transportation, Stair Treads

Other Non Slip Products:

GRP Grating GRP Ladder Rungs
GRP Stair Treads GRP Chequer Plates
GRP Stair Nosings GRP Gritted Sheets


Non slip products can be produced grp such as - grp stair treads,  grp gritted sheets and grp flooring. These can be used in a multitude of applications - offshore, rail and underground installations. The benefits of using GRP is that is very adaptable and can be manufactured in a varitey of non slip surfaces which will lend itself to any environment whether it's stair treads, gangways, grp stair nosings or platforms. These GRP non slip products are currently being used by the construction, rail, offshore and marine industries with great results. Captrad also produce DDA ramps with non slip finishes and Tactile sheets are used where pedestrian traffic is evident.  GRP Non Slip Products / GRP Anti Slip Products


These GRP Non Slip Products can be manufactured in a range of colours, shapes and fire ratings. Thus Captrad is able to produce stair treads, ramps, DDA ramps, platforms and walkways is all shapes and sizes



GRP Anti Slip Sheets

Are produced in 3mm & 6mm thicknesses.
Panel sizes can be any configuration but we are limited to a width of approx 1500mm, length is down to handling and transportation.
We have standard colours - black, grey & yellow. Others can be produced but may carry a premium

GRP Stair treads  

Can be produced at the same thicknesses and can be produced to virtually any length. Standard Stair Tread Depth sizes are upto 300mm and upto 400mm, Lengths can be anything upto 3m


grp non slip sheets


GRP Gritted Sheets

Our GRP Gritted Sheets are produced in either 3mm or 6mm and can be produced in a vaeriety of sizes and colours (certain colours carry a premium). Our gritted sheets have excellent results under the Pendulum test

Our gritted strips are excellent for 'Non Slip Decking' purposes. We can manufacture a non slip strip at 3mm thickness (any size and colour) that can be bonded or screwed to any decking to create a non slip deck.


non slip grp

The TRL pendulum tester has a range of readings from 0 to 150, high values indicating good slip resistance.
Guidance on the interpretation of results using the Four S Slider is suggested by the UK Slip Resistance Group as follows:

Potential For Slip

Pendulum Test Value