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GRP Rebar

Composite/FRP Rebar produced in various sizes

GRP rebarGRP Rebar or Fibre reinforced reinforcement bar is made from high strength glass fibre reinforced with vinyl ester resin. The core of the rebar has all the reinforcing fibre (70% by weight ) along the length of the bar for maximum strength. A helical recess in the surface of the rebar is created in the production process which does not damage the core fibre and is sufficiently deep to give a key to enable the concrete to have a mechanical grip on the rebar.

The choice of vinyl ester resin for the rebar is important. Extensive research work has shown that polyester resin does not have the necessary long term resistance to the corrosive chemicals in the concrete while rebar made with vinyl ester resin gives a 50 year service life when used in accordance with the recognised published standards.

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