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GRP Stairs

GRP Structural Stairs produced from GRP Pultruded Profiles and GRP Grating

GRP Stairs

Captrad produce GRP stairs bespoke to customer requirements. We work along side our customers to create a plausible solution. All our GRP Stairs use our GRP profiles and grp grating thus we have control over the quality of our work. As an additional service we can have our grp stairs, platforms, ladders and fabrications drawn up in AutoCAD if required* 

We can cater for any project whether its - small stairs to large grp stair grp stairs and landings, walkways, mezzanine floors, roof top walkways and stair treads all can be produced with open grid or solid top.
Structural supports are available in our standard ISO resin systems with other available if required - Polyester or vinylester resins. They are also available in Non Fire retardant or fire retardant resins.

Design Specifications:

BS En 1991-1-1:2002
EN ISO 14122-1: 2001
EN ISO 14122-3: 2004
BS 4592-4:2006
BS 4592-6:2008
EN ISO 14122-4: 2004
BS 4211:2005

Advantages of GRP Stairs:

      Light weight (50% less) reduces installation – 
      both in labour and equipment required!
      Light weight (50% less) reduces overall weight of structures!
      Safe for access to electrical equipment – low electrical conductivity
      As good in hot or humid conditions

Captrad's GRP Staircase includes

            Handrail System for stairs  
            GRP Stanchions  
            GRP Knee Rail  
            GRP Toe Plate (Where required)  
            GRP Intermediate Landing (if required)  
            GRP Stair Treads c/w GRP support brackets  
            Floor Brackets Fasteners or GRP Feet (if required)


       Applications for GRP Stairs

Water Treatment
Sewage Treatment
Electrical Substations
Chemical Plants

Cooling Towers
Offshore Platforms
Onshore Refineries
Arctic Applications