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GRP Uni Strut

Uni strut profiles produced in fibreglass, full strut and half struts held in stock

Captrad's GRP Uni-Strut Type Profile can be used in a variety of applications available in 3m & 6m lengths and in various resin systems. We can also supply the half strut.

Product description

The 41x41x3.2mm mm grp uni-strut profile is made by the pultrusion process giving a section that is structurally strong and dimensionally consistent .  The uni-strut profile matches the steel strut so that it takes the same shaped nuts, with and without springs that are widely available for the steel strut.
The profile meets all the requirements of EN 13706 – Specification of grp profiles – Grade E17 and is manufactured under ISO 9000 registered quality control system.
The profile is stocked in 6m lengths, colour grey.
We also have the half strut available at 25mm x 41mm x 3mm


The strut profile is electrically non-conductive and resistant to corrosion by water, salt and most chemicals. 
Typical applications include:

Support frames for cabinets holding electrical switchgear, process control instruments, etc
Support for electrical cable trays and ladders
Support for pipes, conduits, etc